who we are & why we do it.



OAKS is an acronym, and it can mean whatever you want it to mean. to me, it means something in particular, but i'll never tell you. OAKS came about after years of trying to 'figure it out'.


as one thing blooms, it absorbs its predecessor. everything has a lifetime and when it runs its course, we all die. it's time to evolve and move forward. OAKS will have an expiry, and eventually this idea will die. but in the mean time, it's a space to create space.  


i'm ok, you're ok.

the OK brand originates, again after years of trying to figure it out. i've always made t-shirts, dating back to high school when i had a series of releases under the 'elephant clothing' name. the OK brand will represent simple, minimal casual wear without being obnoxiously bold.

in addition to just making stuff, we will be reaching out and donating a percentage of money earned from sales, to a variety of mental health initiatives in canada. presently we're looking for smaller communities initiatives that can do major impacts. mental health is very important to me, and it's important to know that it's okay to not feel okay, and that there are resources out there for you. 

over the course of our 2016 launch year, we will be looking to provide sponsorship to a variety of people. for opportunities and inquiries .