How to Grow a Band - Mark Meatto

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How to Grow a Band - Mark Meatto
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How to Grow a Band

Mark Meatto

Genre: Music Documentaries

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Release Date: April 13, 2012

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This intimate documentary follows mandolin virtuoso (and MacArthur Foundation “Genius”) Chris Thile through a turning point in his life and musical career. By age 26, Thile had already reached some significant career highs, winning a couple of Grammys for both his solo records and his work with the platinum-selling, pop-bluegrass trio Nickel Creek. But, in a move that stunned fans, Thile and Nickel Creek went on “indefinite hiatus” while Thile paused to re-asses and, in many ways, start over. HOW TO GROW A BAND is about what happened next.

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